About Us

Barbie and Andrew met when she was 16. Barbie turned Andrew down for a date for 4 years. Finally she agreed to 1 date and the rest is history! They always knew they wanted a family but adopted the mentality that "If it happens great if not whatever". Shortly after being married they knew they wanted a baby. Four years of trying and absolutely not even 1 pregnancy scare.

In 2018 after several tests they were told getting pregnant naturally just was not going to happen. They decided that Fall they were going to do IVF to try and conceive the baby they had been day dreaming about for 4 years. The opportunity to do IVF in Czech Republic presented itself and they decided that was the best option for them. 3 1/2 weeks in the Czech Republic IVF treatment was completed and Barbie found out on Valentines Day 2019 that she was pregnant with both embryos they had transferred! 7 Weeks into pregnancy Barbie miscarried one twin. The rest of the pregnancy was typical.

Barbie's mom lost her battle to Colon Cancer when Barbie was just 6 months pregnant with her first. Sadie Grace entered the world that following October. Being parents to her have been the greatest joy in both their lives. 

The Wonderful Way You Were Made is Barbie and Andrew's story of the path they had to take to have their precious baby.